Here we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still need help don’t hesitate to email: info@nnrunningteam.com


Why do I need to use Strava?
Strava tracks and records your time and distance. This is then sent to us to calculate your team’s final time.
Can I use another time-tracking service?
A Strava account is needed to sign up to the MA RA TH ON event. Read more about Strava’s supported devices here
Why can’t I see the ‘MA RA TH ON’ challenge on Strava?
The challenge will be released on Strava on May 15 – if you’ve signed up through this site, you’ll automatically be added on Strava.
Why am I getting an error when trying to connect with Strava?
Make sure to check the box that reads ‘Edit certain data on your profile’ to participate in the challenge. If problems persist, please contact the Strava support team.


What distance do I need to run during the event?
You need to run at least 10.5 km, however we recommend to add an extra 250-500 m in order to guarantee that your race will be registered correctly through Strava. This is due to that when added your workout from a fitness/activity device, there may be a small discrepancy on the exact GPS measurements. For more information on this, please see this link.
Why has my time not been registered?
If you have completed your run and your time has not been registered, the most likely reason is that the run did not reach 10.5 km and therefore did not register through Strava. Please refer to Strava Support for further information.
When can I do my run?
The challenge kicks off at midnight on May 22 (relative to your time zone) and is open for the entire weekend. Run your 10.5km at a time that suits on either May 22 or 23. Your team’s time will be calculated as soon as everyone has completed their run.
What is my final time based on?
Your final time is based on your average pace throughout your run. If you run 20 km, it will be based on the average pace you had and calculated to 10.5km equivalent for a total time. Remember to always run a little bit further than 10.5 km to be on the safe side.
Can I run multiple times?
Yes, you can run as many times as you want - we will automatically update to your fastest run that is minimum 10.5 km.


What happens when someone from my team doesn’t complete his/her run?
If someone doesn’t finish their leg of the race, a ‘digital runner’ will take their place. The time of the digital runners will be based on the average pace of everyone who has completed the run in that team. However, a minimum of 2 team members will have to run 10.5km in order for digital runner(s) to fill the empty spots. Also, you will always be able to see your result on the Solo Leaderboard in Strava.
How do I change my team?
If you’ve joined a team, you have the option to leave by pressing the ‘Leave Team’ button in your team overview. If you’re a team creator, you’ll have to delete the team – please be aware that in this case, your team members would no longer be part of a team.
How do I change my team name?
If you’re the creator of the team, you can click the ‘Edit team’ button in your team overview to change the team name.
How do I change team category?
The team categories Men, Women, and Mixed are automatically chosen depending on your Strava profile information. If no gender is confirmed, or if you wish not to identify as a gender on Strava, your team will be added to the Mixed team. For example, if all members of a team have chosen to be identified as ‘Female’ in their Strava Profile, the team will automatically be added to the Women’s category.
Can I join multiple teams?
You can only join one team.
How do I search for my friends?
You can search for friends in the leaderboard. Only accounts that have been verified are searchable.
How do I save teams?
In the leaderboard you can ‘Like’ a team. This team will then be saved so you can easily find it.
I just received an email that I left a team… but I didn’t!
The team captain has the power to remove team members from the team – unfortunately this may have happened. Please contact your team captain for more information.
I want Eliud on my team!
How do I make this happen?
All teams (yes, even full teams with 4 people) have the chance to be joined by one of the NN Running Team athletes. Teams are picked by the athletes at random during the weeks leading up to the race. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Fingers crossed!